5 Simple Tips to Increase Website’s User Experience

A website reflects the business ideology and its functioning, it should be user-friendly and a visual delight for the visitors. Who likes visiting a website which is chaos? The website should give an awesome user’s experience and leave a long-lasting impact; the user experience is imperative and a key to be a top performing website. It determines how a website is performing, its bounce, and exit rate.

“User experience” what is it?

The literal meaning defines it, as an overall experience of a person using a product however it’s much broader. User experience focuses on understanding the user’s views, preference, wants, abilities, and restrictions. It smoothens the user’s interaction and promises a pleasing experience.

User experience has the ability to exceed the set standards. Businesses understand the need for it and are investing profoundly to outdo their competitors.

5 tips to increase website user experience

Apt performance of your website depends on the user experience it offers; there are several tips and tricks that can provide your users with an impeccable experience while visiting the site, let’s explore a few of them.

A treat to the eye – Your website should be a visual delight, it should capture the user’s attention in a go, a layout which is simple yet creative tends to entice and retain the user. The color used should reflect the brand style and the information should be aptly placed. To grab the attention of the users, the look of a website plays a crucial role. So, make sure your website is a visual treat to the visitors.

Let’s Speed Up- Most of the users exit a website because of the page speed; even a 2 sec delay is enough to abandon your website. The page should be quick and responsive and for that, there are varied tools that can help you manage and keep a check on your page and its speed.

                   Speed determines user experience; make sure your site nowhere lacking it

Relevance – Content has the ability to generate leads; hence it should be created with utmost care. The intent should be to create relevant, precise, and attractive content; the information on the website should also be unique and engaging. Relevant yet creative content on the site grabs the user’s attention. 

Precise Call to Action – CTA helps to register an immediate responseor encourage users to take some action which could later lead to sales. It should include some aggressive verbs which compel them to click for e.g. Now, Start Here, Build etc would serve the purpose.

Pictures & Animation – A story depicted in pictures is more attractive than done through words, we all love gazing at the pictures! Don’t we? A website with attractive pictures and videos gain more traffic than the website with simple texts. Upload relevant and quality pictures to elevate your website, it surely can increase the traffic on your site.         

Keep a Note-

User experience is the backbone of a successful website, makes sure you put in all your efforts to provide a pleasing experience to bear the fruit in the future. The site should add value to the users and must reflect your brand in all the aspects, technically said, it should be creative yet user-friendly. Remember!! Nobody likes complexities “keep it simple, keep it unique”

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