Inbound Marketing VS Digital Marketing

With changes in technology, marketing has gone under a series of changes, numerous techniques have been introduced and its horizon is constantly expanding. People are being confused because of its technicality and often correlate one thing with others. The most common confusion among all is the difference between inbound marketing and Digital Marketing, both fall […]

5 Simple Tips to Increase Website’s User Experience

A website reflects the business ideology and its functioning, it should be user-friendly and a visual delight for the visitors. Who likes visiting a website which is chaos? The website should give an awesome user’s experience and leave a long-lasting impact; the user experience is imperative and a key to be a top performing website. […]

What is Digital Marketing?

With the profound use of technology, traditional marketing had to take a shift, it is no more restricted to print media or telemarketing. Marketing has expanded its horizon and opened the doors for Digital Marketing as it’s easy to tap the customers online than offline. Let’s unravel why it’s worthy of all the attention it […]