Desktop Sharing

Drive Your Sale Success with Best Desktop Sharing Tools

Every small and medium class enterprises are getting more advanced to ensure sure success, so why don’t you? Avail our efficient desktop sharing tools and appear fast and straightforward with your customers. Built with advanced technology, it renders an easy platform to the users through which they can share their computer screen contents live over the web with others. We build these vital tools that help businesses in various occasions such as online meeting and training, remote support, web representation, conferencing and so on.

We design desktop sharing tools that are efficient for high volume traffic thereby letting the primary users handle a large number of computers at once. Tools we provide are built-in with high security features that are robust enough to penetrate without consent of the users. Along with that, they are user-friendly thereby providing you great benefits to be used with convenience. Our desktop sharing tools are highly rated by the users because of its excellent features and support.

Desktop & Screen Sharing Tools: Highly Rated Features


Screen sharing tools that we provide are easily accessible on your desktop and mobile devices. It allows you two-way screen sharing with up to eight separate viewers, thus you can take control of PCs and diagnose issues as a team.


Desktop & Screen sharing tools we provide are compatible with most operating systems including Mac OS and window vista. Moreover, this works great with your smart phone and mobile device.


Tools we offer it selves have robust security suite that is impenetrable to any unauthorized access. It also provides a unique token that lets the users share the screen securely with others. Furthermore, it allows the users to restart the application in safe mode.

Session Recording

This feature can be proved much profitable if you want to record your important business meeting and interaction with clients. This really helps you to review your sessions and improve services.

Auto Reconnect

Connection can be poor form either sides while a session, but why restart the app and make a new connection. Our Remote desktop applications let the systems reconnects automatically thereby saving your lot of time.

Robust Functionality

Our software engineers meticulously develop PC sharing tools that have a powerful functionality. These tools are often applauded by the users due to its ability to monitor multiple devices at once.

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