Inbound Marketing VS Digital Marketing

With changes in technology, marketing has gone under a series of changes, numerous techniques have been introduced and its horizon is constantly expanding. People are being confused because of its technicality and often correlate one thing with others. The most common confusion among all is the difference between inbound marketing and Digital Marketing, both fall under the umbrella of Modern Marketing but functions independently.

Digital Marketing is a veteran, it focuses more on increasing the viability of a brand or a product mainly through social media whereas, in  Inbound Marketing all the strategies are amalgamated to generate a prospectus lead. Both of them have distinct methodologies and are unique in varied ways, let’s discuss what they are and how they differ from each other.

Digital Marketing –

It is a marketing tool which encompasses all the marketing tactics, which are used to generate traffic online, increase product viability, and enhance its digital presence. It doesn’t imply any strategy albeit contains various marketing strategy in the armory. Digital Marketing is a broader concept which includes Social Media Marketing, PPC, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing & many more.

Inbound Marketing –

It is an integrated technique which generates qualified leads through effective strategy. Content creation plays a crucial role; it taps the prospectus clients through website, blog, and Seo which compel them to keep coming for more. Inbound Marketing is more of a holistic approach which drives the result in a more organic manner and fulfills the long term goal.

Digital Marketing vs Inbound Marketing; what’s the right pick?

Both marketing techniques are in demand, the right pick depends on the marketing strategy that you are targeting. Digital Marketing is a short term strategy that emphasizes on building brand awareness, boosting digital presence especially through social media whereas Inbound Marketing is the best match for long term strategy, it generates leads by developing relevant content, landing pages, and Call to action (CTA).

  In Digital Marketing you can start a campaign to boost a specific post or your social profile but it will last for a stipulated time whereas Inbound marketing will generate long-lasting results and prospectus clients. Inbound marketing is an escalated version of Digital Marketing, it takes all the tactics of Digital Marketing and applies it at a larger scale. Both the marketing strategy can pave your way through, but right pick depends on your goal. For long term goal, Inbound Marketing is the best match whereas Digital marketing is the best pick for short term goals, both of them are modern marketing techniques and have the ability to elevate your marketing game.

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