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The Best Internal Chat Platform for Mobile Apps and Websites

In this globalization age where communication occurs at an extra large platform, one would like to keep their internal communication as private as possible, especially when it takes place for confidential works where the possibilities of data leakage is much more. In this case, the best way to keep the internal chatting secure is an efficient internal chat platform and this is what we provide on your budget. We offer complete chat rooms for websites, private area communication, messaging SDKs, API, mobiles apps and more. We use awesomely fantastic and friendly technology to render you an internal chatting platform where you can stay connected to your team members with one to one chat, group chat, and file transfer without having to worry about any sort of hacking attempt and data leakage.

Comprehensive Internal Chat Platform for Great Messaging Experience

We design powerful and flexible internal chat framework that enables you to have secure messaging with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Real-Time Chat & Messages

Deliver your messages in real time to each members of your team and stay up-to-date. This feature enables you to send files, videos and structure messages using custom data within a fraction of second.

Track Messages

See the status whether your messages have been delivered or read by other recipients. This is also applicable for the group messaging. Once it is delivered and read, the tick sign turns into a specific color.

Block/Unblock Users

You would like to block some toxic users, spammers, and bad actors when they become more annoying to you. In addition, this feature lets unblock them when the situations become less annoying.

Manage/Export Data

Use chat analytics and moderation tools inbuilt with chat applications we deliver to manage your conversation and export data to other recipients. This helps you protect integrity of your brand if you use it in a secure state.

Advanced Security Suite

We use advanced security suite and implement new-edge encryption method in internal chat applications thereby it provides a highly-secure environment to exchange messaging with your colleague or team.

Customer Support

We provider an easy platform to the users to get live chat support, ticketing and agent interface. You can connect the experts if you have any issues and get that resolved within the shortest period of time.

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