Internal Mail

Make Your Digital Communication Secured with Our Internal Mail Service

Nowadays email hacking is increasingly common that becomes a precursor of many problems for a concerned person. Though many e-mailing platform are available in the market, there can be the possibilities of hacking as prying eyes are on hand to steal your valuable information, and that is what you would not like at any cost if you are running a business and your data is highly confidential. We step in here with fully secured and reliable mail server. We have deployed advanced techniques and much efficient security mechanism to encounter any attempt of unexpected breach of your private mail server. Also, the internal mailing platform that we provide is encrypted with end-to-end technology that encrypts all your data before it is sent to the server, thus the techniques we use makes your communication hack-proof and let you have an endless communication within your private area.

Our internal Mail Service Get You Covered with All-Exclusive features

We help you making a secure communication with our internal mail plans that is worthy of your money and efficient enough to send/receive bulk emails without any glitches.

Secure Network

We secure your network with end-to-end encryption and decryption keys that are accessible only to the clients. This technology reduces the risk of hacking as email server doesn’t leak any contents.


This is very feature that you want to use to select which all messages you want to receive or which you don’t. Internal mails contain hidden symbols for filtering that you can use to get more specific messages.

No Storage Limit

Mail server we provide has no storage limit that makes the users enable to send/receive emails with large files and keep them with their confidential data for long without having to worry about leaking.

Advanced Search Options

This enables you to find out emails or attachments which you have forgotten and lost before. You can use advanced search option by entering similar terms for the messages you are looking for.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Our Internal mail server is featured with keyboard shortcuts that can be used for frequently used tasks. This also makes you enable to launch your application and jump to previously opened tasks directly.

Conversation Mute

Creating group and involving in conversion is not always pleasant. This feature let you mute the conversation you no longer want to be a part with, meanwhile your messages will be saved in inbox without disturbing you.

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