Privacy Policy

Dexter Techno values user’s privacy and determined to safeguard it to make them feel comfy while using the website/services provided at this platform. We make a close bond with the customers and promise not to disclose any of their personal information with any individuals or organization until/unless there is a valid reason or the users themselves give their consent. However, it is important for us to make you aware of our policies regarding the information you share with us and for that, we have presented this privacy policy. We request you to read this carefully before availing of our services/products.


The Information We Collect from You

We ask only specific types of personal information that enables us to process your request to avail of the services or process your purchases. The pieces of information we may collect from you when you interact with us is as follows:

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Geographical location, address

If you are one of our clients, we may also gather demographic information such as details about your occupation, business or company, age, gender, area of interest, your favorites, products and purchase history. To proceed working with you, we may ask your service tag number, service history, payment information like credit card or debit card, bank details, referral, and so on. For job applicants, we may ask the information about their educational back ground, experience, interest, along with some other required personal identifiable information.

Aside from that, we may gather information relating to your online interaction with us. Such information includes your IP address, the pages you view, links and advertisements in which you show your interest and click on that. We may use cookies and similar tracking technology to track your preference like purchasing history, browser, visited websites, and so on. This will help us send you more specific notifications that you may like.


We Use Your Personal Information For

As we clearly mentioned that we collect your personal identifiable information necessary for providing you services/products. Let’s have a glance at purposes we may use your data.

  • To process your purchase and provide the services to right person and place
  • To process the payment, send the invoice and bills
  • To enhance your experience of the site visit, use of the products/services we provide
  • Quick respond to your requests for any information, queries and issues
  • To avoid any fraudulent or illegal activities
  • To provide support services in case of any issues
  • Follow you up once you avail of our services and use the products
  • To improve our service, products, and customer service
  • For job applicants, acquire the correct details and find the right person
  • To know your feedback, make online survey

We may also use your personal data to send the information about our products such as alerts to product upgrade, status of your purchased application, special offers, updated data and any new offerings from Dexter Techno.


We May Use Cookies and Similar Tracking Technology For the Following Purposes
  • To offer you more consistent and personalize experience with our services
  • Serve your needs by customizing the website contents, services, and business details that you share with us
  • To send you the notifications that you may be interested in via communication like email, social media platforms and others.


We Use Latest and Reliable Technology to Secure Your Personal Information

We take each and every reasonable step to protect your personal information from misuse, interference, loss, hacking attempts, virus infection, and all sorts of vulnerabilities. The ways we secure your data is as follows:

  • Make use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when collect or transfer sensitive information such as card or bank details.
  • Private server with strong security mechanism to keep the users data safe
  • Limiting physical access to data as we authorize only our senior representatives to access and use the information you share with us.
  • Ensuring that third party services we are associated with are taking appropriate measure to safeguard one’s data.
  • Destroying or eliminating the user’s data that we no longer use or valid


Your Rights In Connection With Your Personal Information

We understand the value of your privacy and do seek your consent to process any sorts of services. We have given the following rights to the users in relation to their personal data.

  • Request to prevent processing your data
  • To know what all piece of your information we have
  • Ask us of data deletion and removal from our data base
  • To correct, update, and changes in information you have given to us
  • To ask us not to send notifications about any services and products


Does Dexter Techno Share Your Personal Data?

We don’t share your data with any individual or organization until there is a valid reason, but we may transfer your details with our agents, contractor working for us and our associated service provider. If it happens so, we take it in our supervision that your information is being processed only for requisite purposes and treated in a confidential manner. However, if you don’t want us to do, you can contact our representatives and notify your wish in relation to your data.


Additional Information

If you request for our any of services or products, you must provide all required information. If you fail to do so, you may not avail of our services. Also, transferring your details to our agents or any third party services are for the sole purpose of contacting you and providing the services. Personal information held and gathered from you is kept in accordance with all applicable laws and consistency with Dexter Techno statements.



If you feel that Dexter Techno is not complied with your legal right or privacy law, you may decide to make a formal complaint internally through our complaint process. We promise to deal with your complaints with utmost care and respects and resolve it as soon as possible.


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Feel Free to contact us if you have any queries and issues regarding this privacy policy, our representatives are 24*7 active to help you in all ways possible.

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