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Welcome to Dexter Techno. Go ahead, explore our services/products, and let us know how we can help you. We promise to provide you with the best-in-class services and tailor-made products, but there are certain conditions that you need to comply with before starting to use our website and mentioned services/products. If you don’t agree to abide by these terms of use, you may choose not to use this website, services and products. Please read this carefully before stepping further, these terms of use along with our privacy policy governs Dexter Techno bond with you in relation to our website, services and products that we provide.

The term “we and us” refers to Dexter Techno itself and the “You” refers to the users who visit this and associated websites, our existing or past clients, user of our products, support services and so on. Also, Dexter Techno has a business relationship with thousands of client, contractor, and government agency. So, for simplicity and convenience, we use the word like partnership, joint venture, and partner to express our business relationship including common activities and interest. These words are used to indicate precise relationship with them.


Our Website Terms of Use
  • The content of this website is for your general information and use only. It can be changed, updated, modified without any prior notice.
  • Neither Dexter Techno nor its associated third party services guarantee to accuracy, completeness, suitability of the information and material available on the website. Such information may have slight permissible errors, inaccuracies, and imprecision.
  • Using the information available on the website is entirely on your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses and damages occurred due to improper use of the information. Also, it is your responsibility to ensure that the products and information we provide meets your requirements.
  • From time to time, this website may include the link of other websites. These websites may be linked to provide further details. We hold no responsibility for the contents and material available on those websites.


We Don’t Allow the Following Acts
  • Unauthorized use of the contents or materials available on the website
  • Posting contents that offensive, expose other’s privacy, and harmful for the children in any ways
  • Spreading virus, malware, and other malicious contents
  • To link this website from other website and documents without prior consent of Dexter Techno
  • Copying contents, trademarks, logos and the material available on the website
  • Providing wrong details, invade other’s privacy
  • Interruption of the site operations in any ways


Copy Right Laws and Treaty Provision

This website including all materials (excluding third party associations and their contents) is sole property of Dexter Techno and protected by international laws and treaty provision. You must abide by the copyright laws if you use this website information and avail of the services provided at this platform.



All the information, software, and services that we provide have no warrantees until or unless it is clearly mentioned and expressed in the written form. However, we do assure that we provide dedicated technical support whenever you have any issues with the services or provided products. Also, there is no warrantee of third party contents and associated links to the website. You may talk to our representatives if any third party links create any sorts of problems in your computer and harmful to you in any ways.


Limitation of Damages

In no circumstances, Dexter Techno and its affiliates is liable to any direct or indirect, consequential, and damages like loss in profit, business interruption, loss of data or program that is related to the use of websites, loss due to incomplete information and inability to make use of applications and so on. Dexter Techno doesn’t deny any such damages but ensure to cooperate with you in each case.


Changes In Terms of Use

Dexter Techno reserves the right to update, change, modify, and remove any portion of this terms and conditions. Any changes will be effective soon after it is posted on this page with date and timing of the updates. We may also change certain features of our services, website appearance, and stop you from using some portion of this website. You must accept any such change in order to continue using this website or services. If not, you are free not to avail of the service or contact our representative for more details.



Dexter Techno is leading service provider of a variety of services/products and associated with various payment gateways for payable payments of the services/products. We accept payments by cheque, money order, wire transfer and PayPal for the international clients. We start working with you soon after we receive your request, business information, and applicable fee for the services you are requested for. Once the project is completed, you must agree to pay all involved fee incurred in that process. All the fees and taxes will be levied as per the actual.


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