What is Digital Marketing?

With the profound use of technology, traditional marketing had to take a shift, it is no more restricted to print media or telemarketing. Marketing has expanded its horizon and opened the doors for Digital Marketing as it’s easy to tap the customers online than offline. Let’s unravel why it’s worthy of all the attention it is recently receiving.

A sea of options – With digital marketing, businesses are swimming into a pool of options. They have varied doors open for them ranging from e-mail marketing to social media, they can begin their campaign with much ease, build a personal relationship, and customize their marketing approach.

Cost-effective–  It is a pocket-friendly marketing technique making it favorable for both old and new entrants. It has proven to save penny’s in past and showcased better results than the traditional channel of marketing.

Handy Analytics – You can’t measure the success of your marketing campaign without a watch on analytics. With traditional marketing, measure of a campaign gets a bit tricky but in digital marketing, tactics are measurable. You can keep a close eye on how your marketing strategies are performing and where they are lacking.

Digital Marketing Strategies

There are varied techniques which fall under the umbrella of  Digital Marketing. Let’s throw some light on them.

  • SEO – It is the need for an hour knowing how much traffic a search engine can generate. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps your business to list in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Social Media Marketing – This platform is profoundly used by the companies these days as no other ways are apt to reach out to your audience than social media. It helps in building communication, brand awareness, and reach out to the untapped audience.
  • PPC – It is a mode to drive traffic on your website by paying an amount to the publisher every time your ad is clicked by a user. Google Adword is the most prevalent advertising platform which enables your ads to display on various online platforms like blog, websites etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing – It is a method of generating revenues by promoting other’s business or product on your own website. After a certain click, you will start earning.
  • Email Marketing – It is being used as a method to communicate with the customers to enlighten them about new schemes, launches, discounts, newsletters, and any other relevant activities which a customer should be aware of.
  • Native Advertising – It is a type of paid advertisement where it optimizes the views, looks, and functions of the platform at which it is going to appear. These kinds of ads are generally used in social media feeds and as a recommended content on a website. They look like a section of editorial flow of a website not like another advertisement which sticks with the layout of a website.

Digital marketing has tapped into all the aspects of our lives and embellished it in all the ways. It’s apt for startups to giant firms as it fits the bill of all, many firms have savored the fruit of it and imbibed the modern marketing for their products and services. It generates drastic results and contributes in the elevation of a company. Ultimaltely, it’s high time to swung digitally.

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